US consumer confidence declined in June

In the US, consumer confidence fell to a minimum level since September 2017. According to the Conference Board, the corresponding index in June was 121.5 points, down from the May value of 131.3 points. Forecasts of economists suggested a decrease in the index to just 131 points. The indicator characterizing the attitude of Americans to the current financial situation dropped to 162.6 points from 170.7 points a month earlier. Consumer expectations for the next 6 months have deteriorated to 94.1 points from 105 points. In the next 6 months, 18.7% of consumers who took part in the survey expect an improvement in market conditions, whereas in the previous month, 21.4% of respondents adhered to this opinion. This month, the number of US citizens has also declined, predicting an increase in the number of jobs in the next six months. The percentage of such citizens was 17.3% versus 18.4% in May. In the next 6 months, 19.1% of Americans expect salary increases, whereas in May they were 22.2%.


Manufacturing confidence in France worsened in June

In June, manufacturing confidence in France weakened amid a decline in external demand and weak manufacturing prospects in the country. A report of Insee revealed a decline in the index of industrial relations to 102 points from the May value ...

New Zealand's trade balance surplus fell in May

The trade balance surplus of New Zealand in May of this year was reduced to 264 million NZD from 383 million NZD in April, according to official statistics. Growth in exports by 8.5% over the year to 5.81 billion New Zealand dollars exceeded ...

A group of billionaires has proposed a tax on wealth in the United States

A group of American billionaires appealed to US presidential candidates in the upcoming elections in 2020 with a call to impose a wealth tax in the country. They were convinced that new taxes should come from the richest US citizens, and not ...

A strike at the Codelco mine could deprive the market of 10 thousand tons of copper

A strike at a copper mine in northern Chile, which belongs to the world's largest copper producer Codelco, which began in mid-June, may lead to the fact that ten thousand tons of this metal will not enter the world market., Bloomberg reported. ...

New home sales in the US fell by 7.8% in May

In May of this year, 626,000 new homes were sold in the United States. According to the US Department of Commerce, the figure compared with the previous month fell by 7.8% to its lowest level since January of this year. The fall in sales was ...
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